Olympian Reports

Product Overview from Dara Torres 12 time world record holder.

Fatigue resolution report after placing in the US Nationals.

Fix Altitude Sickness by Henry’s Law

Hi, We’d like to introduce our friend, and enemy, William Henry, as in Henry’s law. Henry is why lots of folks get sick when they go certain places. Ever hear of altitude sickness?

The rest of this article will describe why you get altitude sickness — and better yet how to get rid of it in about 15 minutes without going home or ending your vacation… Continue reading

VO2 Max up 28% at 11 weeks

TomButlerHeadshot-VO2MaxTom Butler completed his 4th VO2 max test after training fifteen minutes a day for 11 weeks. His results show relative VO2 Max and METs increases of over 28%.

For non-tekkies — This is a big deal because the experts say maximum gains for VO2 Max is 15-20%. Tom achieved this in under 20 hours of actual training with ExtremeO2™.

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Extreme Oxygen Trainer – EPO/HGH Amplifier

Oxygen TrainerWhat if there was a natural, ethical & legal way to stimulate biologically effective levels of growth hormones, especially the ones ethic-challenged athletes use illegally, like EPO, erythropoietin AND HGH, Human Growth Hormone?
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VO2 max 6 week Report

VO2 max 6 week Report

VO2 max 6 week Report

Tom just finished his sixth week on ExtremeO2™.


  • Weight is down 10 lbs
  • VO2 Max up 17.3%
  • Riding much easier & faster
  • Sense of well being very improved in spite of finals and stress… Continue reading

EO2 Tune-up / Boulder Cup

The Boulder Cup is Sunday October 27.  We’ll setup in the Team Support area – with Green Mountain Sports – velo running several utilities:

  • ExtremeO2™ Tune Ups.  Budget 10-15 minutes for your warm up.  This will release lactic acid in your legs to improve leg-blood flow. EO2 helps you start the race as strong as you can be.
  • MagnaPulse Core Charge.  This protocol uses a PEMF device to optimize liver and organ function. Most feel this effect as stronger recovery during the race.  See Cori Cycle.
  • EO2 – Super Juice.  We’re prototyping our second batch.  This sports drink focuses on nutrients that enable cellular oxygen transfer.

Kentucky Rider.

Remember – The EO2 performance success-story that gets the most likes wins a home ExtremeO2 system – by Facebook likes.  To be fair, we’re limiting the program to a handful of stories – so we’ll have cameras ready if you want to have a go.

See you there.

My VO2 max is up 13% in 7 Days

Did you ever wonder if there was a way to tune-up your VO2max?  Well – so did we…

VO2 max

Tom’s VO2-max increased 13% this week.

Last week, about half of the runners we VO-tuned for the Denver Rock-n-Roll marathon scored personal best – even after coming from sea level.  This was exceptional so we setup an experiment… Would you like to know how it happened?
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10,000 Feet Acclimatized in 18 min

Last week at the Leadville 100 mile Ultra-Marathon – we decided to test ExtremeO2 as an acclimatization accelerator.  Here is the report.


  • At sea level day before to 10,000 ft – Leadville, CO
  • Reports – 50-60% Lung capacity before & 100% after
  • All altitude related discomfort resolved @ 18 minutes
  • Results persisted 48 hrs later – no discomfort returned

ExtremeO2 Spiffs Leadman

Today we put ExtremeO2™ to the ultimate test – spiffing ultimate-competitors for the harshest ultra-marathon in the world.

Leadman is the official name for an ultra marathon in Leadville, CO.  Super-hardcore blow off the same-day Pikes-peak marathon, only 26 miles – as a jog in the park.  Which this year was scheduled the same day.

The big prize here is a gold belt buckle – for those who cover 100 miles in under 25 hours.

About 9 out of 10 of these folks scored 6+ on the sore leg scale.  We tested the combination of ExtremeO2 – to clear lactate, and Magnapulse, to address tissue trauma.   Continue reading

Ukrainian Hangover Meets ExtremeO2

Ukrainian Hangover Meets ExtremeO2™

Most pilots know that oxygen helps a hangover.  We just opened the first hangover cleanup service at the Oshkosh air show.  Our first customer – with a honking hangover – describes his experience.

I wonder how many of his friends we’ll meet today?

Most pilots know that oxygen helps a hangover.  We just opened the first hangover cleanup service at the Oshkosh air show.  Our first customer – with a honking hangover – describes his experience.

Aviators – we setup a special site for you… It re-explains hypoxia in a way that enables you to identify and manage your personal sensitivity.