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Altitude contrast training reflects a new philosophy in athletic training.  It emphasizes adaptability and exercises the adaptive responses provoked by rapidly changing the environment from high to low oxygen and back again.

Hyperoxic environments can allow the body to grow soft, while hypoxic environments can allow the body to become weak from deprivation.  Transitions between strain and provoke transitory durability and stimulate the body to exist at either extreme.

This durability equates to better health, and combines the healing benefits from high oxygen environments, with the metabolic efficiency that results from living in a low oxygen environment.

Contrast is the key.

VO2 Max Training

ExtremeO2 Technical Introduction

This is a brief introduction to the physiology of ExtremeO2™. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6zOujS9Wzs


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Glossary <td >Aerobic Metabolism<td >Anaerobic Metabolism Aerobic metabolism uses oxygen and is very efficient. It produces CO2 and 38 units of ATP per glucose. Anaerobic Metabolism utilizes one molecule glucose to produce 2 molecules of ATP. It is the backup power supply Pulse ThrottleThe apparent reflex where the body limits the pulse as a result …

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