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Alti­tude con­trast train­ing reflects a new phi­los­o­phy in ath­let­ic train­ing.  It empha­sizes adapt­abil­i­ty and exer­cis­es the adap­tive respons­es pro­voked by rapid­ly chang­ing the envi­ron­ment from high to low oxy­gen and back again.

Hyper­ox­ic envi­ron­ments can allow the body to grow soft, while hypox­ic envi­ron­ments can allow the body to become weak from depri­va­tion.  Tran­si­tions between strain and pro­voke tran­si­to­ry dura­bil­i­ty and stim­u­late the body to exist at either extreme.

This dura­bil­i­ty equates to bet­ter health, and com­bines the heal­ing ben­e­fits from high oxy­gen envi­ron­ments, with the meta­bol­ic effi­cien­cy that results from liv­ing in a low oxy­gen envi­ron­ment.

Con­trast is the key.

VO2 Max Training

ExtremeO2 Technical Introduction

This is a brief intro­duc­tion to the phys­i­ol­o­gy of ExtremeO2™. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6zOujS9Wzs


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Glos­sary <td >Aer­o­bic Metabolism<td >Anaer­o­bic Metab­o­lism Aer­o­bic metab­o­lism uses oxy­gen and is very effi­cient. It pro­duces CO2 and 38 units of ATP per glu­cose. Anaer­o­bic Metab­o­lism uti­lizes one mol­e­cule glu­cose to pro­duce 2 mol­e­cules of ATP. It is the back­up pow­er sup­ply Pulse Throt­tleThe appar­ent reflex where the body lim­its the pulse as a result …

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