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Post Performance/Training

This is a train­ing or per­for­mance clear pro­to­col.  Use this pro­to­col after your work­out or after a per­for­mance to clear exer­tion waste and restore blood flow.  This pro­to­col usu­al­ly cuts recov­ery time to about half on nor­mal.

It works by clear­ing inflam­ma­tion which retards recov­ery.

Protocol Goals:

  • Restore blood flow to trau­ma­tized tis­sues to enable heal­ing revers­ing inflam­ma­tion trig­gered dur­ing train­ing;
  • Increase core sys­tem per­for­mance to reduce sys­temic waste accu­mu­la­tion to avoid over-train­ing fatigue;
  • Flush post-per­for­mance lac­tic acid to pre­vent sore­ness;
  • Max­i­mize body-wide dis­solved oxy­gen to accel­er­ate heal­ing in con­nec­tive tis­sue to reduce micro-trau­ma accu­mu­la­tion.

Post Performance Protocol:

  1. Fill the oxy­gen reser­voir
  2. Con­nect Mask
  3. Warm up on the exer­cise equip­ment until you reach your tar­get pulse rate **
  4. Exer­cise for 8 min­utes at your pre­ferred aer­o­bic out­put
  5. Do the fol­low­ing steps 3 times
    1. Switch to high alti­tude and begin 30 sec­ond sprint
    2. First 15 sec­onds — high alti­tude then switch to high oxy­gen for 15 sec­onds
    3. Recov­er on oxy­gen
    4. Do legs feel bet­ter than before if yes? go to a
    5. If legs do not feel bet­ter goto 7
  6. Stop exer­tion at 12 min­utes
  7. Con­tin­ue breath­ing oxy­gen until pulse drops 100 bpm.

** If you feel tired begin­ning use +O2 Set­ting — If you feel “strong” then use ‑O2 to accel­er­ate warm-up until your heart rate gets to your nor­mal aer­o­bic train­ing lev­el.




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