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Brain Fog

Brain fog is the feel­ing that your mind isn’t work­ing as well as it should. It usu­al­ly means inflam­ma­tion is lim­it­ing oxy­gen deliv­ery with­in your brain. In Jil­l’s case, three con­cus­sions bruised her brain.  Lin­ger­ing inflam­ma­tion lim­it­ed oxy­gen which reduced her brain func­tion. To Jill — it was brain fog.  Neu­ro­log­i­cal tests showed her prob­lem …

DOMS — Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Do you get sore after you per­form?  Delayed Onset Mus­cle Sore­ness (DOMS)has 2 sources: Mus­cles locked anaer­o­bic from cap­il­lary inflam­ma­tion that caus­es per­sis­tent hypox­ia & lac­tic-acids; Micro-dam­age to the tis­sue. Here’s why oxy­gen is the hid­den key to resolv­ing DOMS: The excess lac­tic-relat­ed acids occur because cap­il­lary inflam­ma­tion inhibits blood cir­cu­la­tion trap­ping mus­cle hypox­ia (Ardenne); …

Oxygen Trainer

What should an Oxy­gen Train­er do for you? Press­ing the sub­mit but­ton does not dis­close any infor­ma­tion about you.  If you want us to con­tact you, please use the con­tact form in the upper right of is page. If you like our research — stay updat­ed by sign­ing up for our newslet­ter. Please feel free …

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