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These pro­to­cols address meta­bol­ic issues that affect the whole body and recov­ery.


Brain Oxygenation

This pro­to­col tar­gets restora­tion of oxy­gen to the head to help resolv­ing inflam­ma­tion in the brain, eyes and ears.  Many con­di­tions involve inflam­ma­tion in the brain and sen­so­ry organs: Tin­ni­tus — inflam­ma­tion in the audi­to­ry pro­cess­ing of the inner ear Menieres/Vertigo — inflam­ma­tion in the bal­ance cen­ter of the ear Brain Fog — Inflam­ma­tion in …

O2 Detox — Level 1

VO2 Max  Level‑1 Oxy­gen Detox pro­to­col This pro­to­col flush­es meta­bol­ic waste out of tis­sues.  It also facil­i­tates heal­ing by super-sat­u­rat­ing all body tis­sues, plas­ma and lymph with very high lev­els of oxy­gen. It is equiv­a­lent to spend­ing many hours in a hyper­bar­ic cham­ber.  It also up-reg­u­lates the immune sys­tem.  Use this pro­to­col when you feel …

Immune Boost — Sauna/Hottub

This pro­to­col is for immune chal­lenges that occur from trav­el relat­ed stress or expo­sure to cold/flu or oth­er organ­isms that can com­pro­mise per­for­mance. The pro­to­col tar­gets short term sat­u­ra­tion of tis­sues with oxy­gen, fol­lowed by expo­sure to heat, either in a sauna or hot­tub. Start­ing sup­ple­ment 20 min­utes pri­or to oxy­gen ther­a­py: Thy­mus Extract — …

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