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These protocols address metabolic issues that affect the whole body and recovery.

Brain Oxygenation

This protocol targets restoration of oxygen to the head to help resolving inflammation in the brain, eyes and ears.  Many conditions involve inflammation in the brain and sensory organs: Tinnitus – inflammation in the auditory processing of the inner ear Menieres/Vertigo – inflammation in the balance center of the ear Brain Fog – Inflammation in …

O2 Detox – Level 1

VO2 Max  Level-1 Oxygen Detox protocol This protocol flushes metabolic waste out of tissues.  It also facilitates healing by super-saturating all body tissues, plasma and lymph with very high levels of oxygen. It is equivalent to spending many hours in a hyperbaric chamber.  It also up-regulates the immune system.  Use this protocol when you feel …

Immune Boost – Sauna/Hottub

This protocol is for immune challenges that occur from travel related stress or exposure to cold/flu or other organisms that can compromise performance. The protocol targets short term saturation of tissues with oxygen, followed by exposure to heat, either in a sauna or hottub. Starting supplement 20 minutes prior to oxygen therapy: Thymus Extract – …

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