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High Altitude Acclimitization

ExtremeO2™ – VO2 Max Protocol :

This altitude training method helps athletes accelerate their body’s adjustment to perform at high altitude.

Athletes that train at low altitude often experience elevated strain and difficulty when competing at high altitude.  This often creates a performance advantage/disadvantage for athletes that train regularly at high altitude.  These high-altitude athletes bodies are more efficient at tissue oxygen delivery.

Likewise high-altitude athletes have a performance advantage at low altitude because their bodies are more efficient at low altitude also, so energy production benefits by having more air/oxygen to work with.

These effects generally occur because high altitude athletes have more efficient oxygen, anaerobic, metabolism because

  • Their bodies have higher concentration of red blood cells
  • Their lungs have greater internal surface area for oxygen CO2 exchange
  • Their blood to tissue oxygen transport is more efficient.

ExtremeO2 – VO2 Max Protocol:

Desaturation Training Method

  1. Fill the oxygen reservoir (don’t connect oxygen yet)
  2. Warm up on the exercise equipment until you reach your target pulse rate **
  3. Put on the mask and connect to the oxygen
  4. Exercise for 3 minutes increasing resistance to maintain target pulse rate
  5. Switch to high altitude air
  6. Sprint until respiratory tolerance – (note desaturation level & exertion delay)
  7. Switch back to oxygen mixture for 3 minutes (note how long it takes to return to 99%)
  8. Go To 5
  9. Stop exertion at 15 minutes
  10. Continue breathing oxygen until pulse drops 100 bpm.
Repeat up to 3 times daily prior to competition.  

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