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Oxygen TrainerWhat if there was a natural, ethical & legal way to stimulate biologically effective levels of growth hormones, especially the ones ethic-challenged athletes use illegally, like EPO, erythropoietin AND HGH, Human Growth Hormone?

When WHN started working with mature athletes, like Dara Torres, we observed physiological changes that looked like more than extra oxygen.

Dara started to see some unexpected effects beyond endurance and strength.  She gained a lot of muscle — fast.

The scale showed about 12 pounds of muscle gain from Jan thru March.  Don’t get me wrong – Dara is the totally awesome athlete – but how could she add that much muscle that fast at 45?

The new muscle mass made her look much stronger than the Time Magazine cover (right).  Her shoulders were at least 2 inches broader this year – and her already awesome legs were wicked ripped. Why?

When the High Park fire burned my house, I couldn’t get to the Olympic trials in Omaha.  We used lactic-flush protocol to wash out lactate and release performance waste between her races.

ExtremeO2™ appears to restore two hormone cycles that fade with age:

  • Erythropoietin, EPO, triggers creation of Red Blood Cells, which carry oxygen to tissues.  Hypoxic stress signals the body to increase EPO up to 1000 times to adapt to hypoxic challenge. Your body uses EPO to increase the red blood cell count, which improves oxygen delivery capacity often associated with VO2max.
  • Human Growth Hormone, HGH, an anabolic hormone controls structural growth of bone and muscle.  It is the main hormone of youth, and high levels are key to both graceful aging and athletic performance.  Interval training methods, like with ExtremeO2, test to increase HGH levels over 500%.

Why did ExtremeO2 produced the same sort of results that we only see with young athletes, or those using hormones?

Our research suggests that hormone mediated growth depends as much on nutrition and oxygen as on hormones…

How could cells lacking oxygen or nutrients respond to hormone signals?

Simple, they can’t.  This means nutrients and oxygen matter as much as hormones.

These effects suggested that ExtremeO2 was doing more than we thought.  We know it opens vascular pipes, See Ardenne, but the rapid progress, with mature athletes suggested more was happening than we could explain by awesome tissue oxygenation.  We were seeing a younger, revitalized, hormone response pattern – similar to what we’d expect in a developing body.

The cell environment determines both recovery rate and performance potential.  EO2 enhances the core recovery processes:

  • Clears Inflammation – A critical step.  When exertion triggers plasma hypoxia, endothelial inflammation chokes of the blood supply to exercise damaged cells, and locks them anaerobic.  Anaerobic lock locks-in acid soreness and retards healing. Chokes block nutrients for repair.
  • Hypoxic enhanced sprinting supports HGH release, likely by trigging brief hypoglycemic episodes known to trigger HGH release.  This author suggests that sprints deplete plasma glucose reserve  hypoglycemic event that triggers pituitary HGH release.

The EPO connection is old news.  High altitude, or hypoxic training, is long known to signal EPO adaptive responses to adapt to high-altitude.  Basically high altitude stimulated physical shifts that  make the body more efficient with less oxygen.  EPO hormone stimulates the adaptive response to hypoxia.  The HGH connection is new news.

So if you’re interested in more – stay tuned.  ExtremeO2 is available from our store.
Oxygen Trainer

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