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Oxygen TrainerWhat if there was a nat­ur­al, eth­i­cal & legal way to stim­u­late bio­log­i­cal­ly effec­tive lev­els of growth hor­mones, espe­cial­ly the ones eth­ic-chal­lenged ath­letes use ille­gal­ly, like EPO, ery­thro­poi­etin AND HGH, Human Growth Hor­mone?

When WHN start­ed work­ing with mature ath­letes, like Dara Tor­res, we observed phys­i­o­log­i­cal changes that looked like more than extra oxy­gen.

Dara start­ed to see some unex­pect­ed effects beyond endurance and strength.  She gained a lot of mus­cle — fast.

The scale showed about 12 pounds of mus­cle gain from Jan thru March.  Don’t get me wrong — Dara is the total­ly awe­some ath­lete — but how could she add that much mus­cle that fast at 45?

The new mus­cle mass made her look much stronger than the Time Mag­a­zine cov­er (right).  Her shoul­ders were at least 2 inch­es broad­er this year — and her already awe­some legs were wicked ripped. Why?

When the High Park fire burned my house, I could­n’t get to the Olympic tri­als in Oma­ha.  We used lac­tic-flush pro­to­col to wash out lac­tate and release per­for­mance waste between her races.

ExtremeO2™ appears to restore two hor­mone cycles that fade with age:

  • Ery­thro­poi­etin, EPO, trig­gers cre­ation of Red Blood Cells, which car­ry oxy­gen to tis­sues.  Hypox­ic stress sig­nals the body to increase EPO up to 1000 times to adapt to hypox­ic chal­lenge. Your body uses EPO to increase the red blood cell count, which improves oxy­gen deliv­ery capac­i­ty often asso­ci­at­ed with VO2max.
  • Human Growth Hor­mone, HGH, an ana­bol­ic hor­mone con­trols struc­tur­al growth of bone and mus­cle.  It is the main hor­mone of youth, and high lev­els are key to both grace­ful aging and ath­let­ic per­for­mance.  Inter­val train­ing meth­ods, like with ExtremeO2, test to increase HGH lev­els over 500%.

Why did ExtremeO2 pro­duced the same sort of results that we only see with young ath­letes, or those using hor­mones?

Our research sug­gests that hor­mone medi­at­ed growth depends as much on nutri­tion and oxy­gen as on hor­mones…

How could cells lack­ing oxy­gen or nutri­ents respond to hor­mone sig­nals?

Sim­ple, they can’t.  This means nutri­ents and oxy­gen mat­ter as much as hor­mones.

These effects sug­gest­ed that ExtremeO2 was doing more than we thought.  We know it opens vas­cu­lar pipes, See Ardenne, but the rapid progress, with mature ath­letes sug­gest­ed more was hap­pen­ing than we could explain by awe­some tis­sue oxy­gena­tion.  We were see­ing a younger, revi­tal­ized, hor­mone response pat­tern — sim­i­lar to what we’d expect in a devel­op­ing body.

The cell envi­ron­ment deter­mines both recov­ery rate and per­for­mance poten­tial.  EO2 enhances the core recov­ery process­es:

  • Clears Inflam­ma­tion — A crit­i­cal step.  When exer­tion trig­gers plas­ma hypox­ia, endothe­lial inflam­ma­tion chokes of the blood sup­ply to exer­cise dam­aged cells, and locks them anaer­o­bic.  Anaer­o­bic lock locks-in acid sore­ness and retards heal­ing. Chokes block nutri­ents for repair.
  • Hypox­ic enhanced sprint­ing sup­ports HGH release, like­ly by trig­ging brief hypo­glycemic episodes known to trig­ger HGH release.  This author sug­gests that sprints deplete plas­ma glu­cose reserve  hypo­glycemic event that trig­gers pitu­itary HGH release.

The EPO con­nec­tion is old news.  High alti­tude, or hypox­ic train­ing, is long known to sig­nal EPO adap­tive respons­es to adapt to high-alti­tude.  Basi­cal­ly high alti­tude stim­u­lat­ed phys­i­cal shifts that  make the body more effi­cient with less oxy­gen.  EPO hor­mone stim­u­lates the adap­tive response to hypox­ia.  The HGH con­nec­tion is new news.

So if you’re inter­est­ed in more — stay tuned.  ExtremeO2 is avail­able from our store.
Oxygen Trainer


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  1. […] Dr. Mark Sir­cus states, “long and hard is the search for sub­stances that ath­letes can use to increase sports per­for­mance. There are more than sev­er­al sub­stances that are nat­ur­al, legal, non-tox­ic and safe that ath­letes can use, but like every­where else in the world of med­i­cine most still pre­fer dan­ger­ous phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals to nat­ur­al med­i­c­i­nals even with the risk of being dis­cov­ered and banned from com­pe­ti­tion.”  and, “extra oxy­gen increas­es mus­cles’ ener­gy pro­duc­tion improv­ing ath­let­ic out­put abil­i­ty; inten­si­ty and dura­tion.  The secret to Olympic suc­cess is high­er con­cen­tra­tions of oxy­gen deliv­ery to the cells.. ” For entire post, click here […]

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