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Aerobic metabolism uses oxygen and is very efficient. It produces CO2 and 38 units of ATP per glucose.
Anaerobic Metabolism utilizes one molecule glucose to produce 2 molecules of ATP. It is the backup power supply
Pulse ThrottleThe apparent reflex where the body limits the pulse as a result of previous accumulated stress. The reflex seems to be a self-protection mechanism to avoid damage.
Saturation The pulse oxymetery saturation level measured by a pulse oximeter.
Desaturation Floor The minimum blood saturation level the person is able to achieve while breathing oxygen poor air under load for 1 minute.
Desaturation Swing The difference between the normal saturation, 99%, and the Desaturation Floor.
Resaturation Velocity The rate of return to 99% saturation after 1 minute at the desaturation floor.
Desaturation Delay The amount of time the person stays at 99% saturation before blood desaturates under load, while on oxygen poor air.
Desaturation Velocity The amount of time required to decrease saturation from 99% to the Saturation Floor.
Desaturation Tolerance The amount of time the person can continue to exert while at the desaturation floor without significant discomfort.
Desaturation The body’s tendency to deplete oxygen from the blood during exertion.
Initial Saturation The saturation level a person has at rest before exercising or breathing oxygen.
Maximum Pulse The maximum pulse rate a person is able to achieve during a session.
Output Load The exercise load, in watts, during the session.
Acid Tide The tendency for reduced oxygen availability when the body releases cellular waste pursuant to an oxygen pulse.
Lactic Clearance When the lactic acid, soreness, in muscles clears because circulation is restored and lactic acid is released.
Superman Effect When the person feels very good because of high effective oxygen levels.
Death Breath When circulation is restored to a chronic degenerate region of the body, trapped noxious gasses enter the blood and exit from the lungs causing death breath see also: Putrescene and cadaverine. This a detoxification reaction where therapy has restored blood flow to regions of inhibited circulation, where decomposition has started.
Initial Pulse The resting pulse rate before a session



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