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<td >Aer­o­bic Metabolism<td >Anaer­o­bic Metab­o­lism

Aer­o­bic metab­o­lism uses oxy­gen and is very effi­cient. It pro­duces CO2 and 38 units of ATP per glu­cose.
Anaer­o­bic Metab­o­lism uti­lizes one mol­e­cule glu­cose to pro­duce 2 mol­e­cules of ATP. It is the back­up pow­er sup­ply
Pulse Throt­tleThe appar­ent reflex where the body lim­its the pulse as a result of pre­vi­ous accu­mu­lat­ed stress. The reflex seems to be a self-pro­tec­tion mech­a­nism to avoid dam­age.
Sat­u­ra­tion The pulse oxymetery sat­u­ra­tion lev­el mea­sured by a pulse oxime­ter.
Desat­u­ra­tion Floor The min­i­mum blood sat­u­ra­tion lev­el the per­son is able to achieve while breath­ing oxy­gen poor air under load for 1 minute.
Desat­u­ra­tion Swing The dif­fer­ence between the nor­mal sat­u­ra­tion, 99%, and the Desat­u­ra­tion Floor.
Resat­u­ra­tion Veloc­i­ty The rate of return to 99% sat­u­ra­tion after 1 minute at the desat­u­ra­tion floor.
Desat­u­ra­tion Delay The amount of time the per­son stays at 99% sat­u­ra­tion before blood desat­u­rates under load, while on oxy­gen poor air.
Desat­u­ra­tion Veloc­i­ty The amount of time required to decrease sat­u­ra­tion from 99% to the Sat­u­ra­tion Floor.
Desat­u­ra­tion Tol­er­ance The amount of time the per­son can con­tin­ue to exert while at the desat­u­ra­tion floor with­out sig­nif­i­cant dis­com­fort.
Desat­u­ra­tion The body’s ten­den­cy to deplete oxy­gen from the blood dur­ing exer­tion.
Ini­tial Sat­u­ra­tion The sat­u­ra­tion lev­el a per­son has at rest before exer­cis­ing or breath­ing oxy­gen.
Max­i­mum Pulse The max­i­mum pulse rate a per­son is able to achieve dur­ing a ses­sion.
Out­put Load The exer­cise load, in watts, dur­ing the ses­sion.
Acid Tide The ten­den­cy for reduced oxy­gen avail­abil­i­ty when the body releas­es cel­lu­lar waste pur­suant to an oxy­gen pulse.
Lac­tic Clear­ance When the lac­tic acid, sore­ness, in mus­cles clears because cir­cu­la­tion is restored and lac­tic acid is released.
Super­man Effect When the per­son feels very good because of high effec­tive oxy­gen lev­els.
Death Breath When cir­cu­la­tion is restored to a chron­ic degen­er­ate region of the body, trapped nox­ious gasses enter the blood and exit from the lungs caus­ing death breath see also: Putrescene and cadav­er­ine. This a detox­i­fi­ca­tion reac­tion where ther­a­py has restored blood flow to regions of inhib­it­ed cir­cu­la­tion, where decom­po­si­tion has start­ed.
Ini­tial Pulse The rest­ing pulse rate before a ses­sion





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