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VO2 Max

These pro­to­cols sup­port improve­ments in VO2 Max.  Please select a sub-menu item.


Basic Training

This pro­to­col, inspired by Phil Camp­bel­l’s Inter­val Train­ing Mod­el, stim­u­lates HGH and EPO uti­liz­ing simul­ta­ne­ous hypox­ia and hypo­glycemia, sep­a­rat­ed by hyper­ox­ia.  The train­ing method rapid­ly improves VO2 max beyond oth­er known train­ing meth­ods. VO2 Max 11 week graph EPO Phase: The mod­el uti­lizes dif­fer­ent stress mod­els to stim­u­late adap­tive mech­a­nisms.  EPO is stim­u­lat­ed by ini­tial and repeat­ed …

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