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These pro­to­cols sup­port alti­tude prepa­ra­tion and recov­ery.  Please select an alti­tude relat­ed pro­to­col from the menu.



Use this pro­to­col start­ing at least two weeks before you go to high alti­tude. The basis of the pro­to­col is to uti­lize pri­mar­i­ly exer­tion at sim­u­lat­ed alti­tude with low­er oxy­gen pres­sure to stim­u­late the body to adapt to high alti­tude.  Peri­od­ic expo­sure to hypox­ic train­ing trig­gers the body to adapt with var­i­ous mech­a­nisms. The body …


Alti­tude Recov­ery This pro­to­col pre­sumes that you are at alti­tude and are hav­ing alti­tude relat­ed dis­com­fort.   Your dis­com­fort like­ly reflects inflam­ma­tion from hypox­ia.  Here is an arti­cle that describes the mod­el as it relates to oxy­gen par­tial pres­sure. You will need an ExtremeO2 sys­tem with suit­able exer­cise equip­ment.  The reser­voir should be filled with oxy­gen. …

High Altitude Acclimitization

ExtremeO2™ — VO2 Max Pro­to­col : This alti­tude train­ing method helps ath­letes accel­er­ate their body’s adjust­ment to per­form at high alti­tude. Ath­letes that train at low alti­tude often expe­ri­ence ele­vat­ed strain and dif­fi­cul­ty when com­pet­ing at high alti­tude.  This often cre­ates a per­for­mance advantage/disadvantage for ath­letes that train reg­u­lar­ly at high alti­tude.  These high-alti­­tude ath­letes bod­ies …

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