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These protocols support altitude preparation and recovery.  Please select an altitude related protocol from the menu.


Use this protocol starting at least two weeks before you go to high altitude. The basis of the protocol is to utilize primarily exertion at simulated altitude with lower oxygen pressure to stimulate the body to adapt to high altitude.  Periodic exposure to hypoxic training triggers the body to adapt with various mechanisms. The body …


Altitude Recovery This protocol presumes that you are at altitude and are having altitude related discomfort.   Your discomfort likely reflects inflammation from hypoxia.  Here is an article that describes the model as it relates to oxygen partial pressure. You will need an ExtremeO2 system with suitable exercise equipment.  The reservoir should be filled with oxygen. …

High Altitude Acclimitization

ExtremeO2™ – VO2 Max Protocol : This altitude training method helps athletes accelerate their body’s adjustment to perform at high altitude. Athletes that train at low altitude often experience elevated strain and difficulty when competing at high altitude.  This often creates a performance advantage/disadvantage for athletes that train regularly at high altitude.  These high-altitude athletes bodies …

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