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Please see links below for prod­uct ver­sion instal­la­tion instruc­tions.



ExtremeO2 Home Instal­la­tion This instal­la­tion requires a sec­ond con­nec­tion to the high alti­tude con­nec­tion to the con­cen­tra­tor. Please use the LiveO2® instal­la­tion to set­up the oxy­gen sys­tem. The instruc­tions for ExtremeO2 are iden­ti­cal. ExtremeO2™ Instal­la­tion — PDF Man­u­al Ver­sion 2 Con­nect the High Alti­tude Reser­voir The high alti­tude reser­voir is in the low­er cor­ner of the …


ExtremeO2 Instal­la­tion

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