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O2 Detox — Level 1

VO2 Max  Level‑1 Oxygen Detox protocol

This pro­to­col flush­es meta­bol­ic waste out of tis­sues.  It also facil­i­tates heal­ing by super-sat­u­rat­ing all body tis­sues, plas­ma and lymph with very high lev­els of oxy­gen.

It is equiv­a­lent to spend­ing many hours in a hyper­bar­ic cham­ber.  It also up-reg­u­lates the immune sys­tem.  Use this pro­to­col when you feel slug­gish, tired, or just want to feel bet­ter.

  1. Fill the oxy­gen reser­voir
  2. Put on the mask and con­nect to tube
  3. Exer­cise for 6–8 min­utes at sus­tain­able but aer­o­bic pace (solid­ly aer­o­bic)
    • Note exer­tion chal­lenges — dis­com­fort that occurs at about 1 minute inter­vals
    • Men­tal­ly note the first chal­lenge inten­si­ty
    • Reduce effort mod­er­ate­ly dur­ing chal­lenges
    • Con­tin­ue on oxy­gen until chal­lenges become unno­tice­able & exer­tion is easy
    • Usu­al­ly 6–8 min­utes
  4. After exer­tion chal­lenges end — Begin Sprint Sequence
    1. Switch to high alti­tude
    2. Sprint for 15 sec­onds at max­i­mum out­put
    3. Switch to high oxy­gen and con­tin­ue sprint 15 more sec­onds on high oxy­gen
    4. Recov­er on oxy­gen until detox clears
  5. Repeat from 4–8 rep­e­ti­tions
  6. Stop exer­tion at 15 min­utes
  7. Con­tin­ue breath­ing oxy­gen until pulse drops 100 bpm.

If you are start­ing to feel sick, or feel sick with a cold, flu or oth­er immuno­log­i­cal chal­lenge (like you spent yes­ter­day on an air­plane), then you can aug­ment your immune sys­tem by tak­ing some:

  • Thy­mus Extract — 2 cap­sules
  • Colostrums — 2 cap­sules
  • Cordy­ceps Sinen­sis — 2 cap­sules

** You can use high alti­tude to accel­er­ate warm-up


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