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These protocols support athletic performance development.

Pre Performance Prep

These protocol aids an athlete to prepare for competition, and to reset metabolism post performance to reduce recovery time. This protocol improves is a very good pre-performance warm up.  It can anytime up to 24 hours prior to competition.  It does not create fatigue. Pre-Performance Goals: Maximum blood oxygen status in preparation for performance to …

Respiratory Inertia Training

High altitude sprints create oxygen stress.  The combined effects of stress oxygen deplete air, about 12%, compared to 21%, are known as hypobaric training.  Hypobaric training causes several beneficial effects – which naturally occur for people that live at high altitude: Stimulates development of lung tissue Stimulates increase in blood oxygen transport capacity with increased …

Saturation Stress Training

This protocol optimizes the body’s use of “stored” oxygen by stressing the body’s de-saturation and re-saturation mechanisms.   De-saturation allows the “delay” onset of anaerobic energy production by using blood-bound oxygen to prolong aerobic performance, and delay transition to anaerobic energy production. Re-saturation training accelerates recovery from anaerobic metabolism back to aerobic.  For an unknown …

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