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Mask Troubleshooting

The rub­ber valve is nec­es­sary — although the sys­tem will work with it removed. Under nor­mal oper­a­tion, both check valves work­ing, Air comes in through the top valve, and exits through the bot­tom. This allow sin­gle breath­ing of the air in the reser­voir, and the reser­voir will last between 10 and 15 min­utes for a nor­mal user.

When the intake valve is trapped, or that sali­va is stick­ing the rub­ber valve to the seat. Use a match or oth­er blunt item to cor­rect the rub­ber intake valve.

More Detail:

  • Top valve con­nect­ed to the res­pi­ra­tor tube is the intake valve.
  • Bot­tom, larg­er valve is the exhaust valve.

Con­ceiv­ably either valve can be stuck open or stuck closed.
There are three issues that can occur:

  • Intake valve stuck shut
  • Intake stuck open
  • Exhaust stuck open
  • Exhaust stuck shut
  • Mask not sealed to face
  • Var­i­ous Com­bi­na­tions

It sounds like the intake valve is get­ting stuck shut and the mask is not secure. This occurs when the rub­ber valve gets trapped behind the plas­tic back­stop assem­bly, or from adhe­sion. This lim­its oxy­gen intake — and allows room air to dilute incom­ing oxy­gen from leak­age.

To test & fix the mask:
1) Remove plas­tic breather assem­bly from neo­prene hold­er
2) Hold mask to face (no hose attached)
3) Breathe in/out. Intake should be clear and from intake port (top).
4) Exhaust should be clear (very low resis­tance) and from bot­tom exhaust port.
5) If either path has resis­tance — use a wood­en match or oth­er blunt item to gen­tly open the rub­ber valve.
6) Test again for clear air flow

If you remove the top rub­ber valve (fix the intake open), exhaled air, will return with CO2 will re-enter the reser­voir. This allows rebreath­ing CO2, which is some­times help­ful, but is not by design — but only when the exhaust port works prop­er­ly.

The prob­lem is that if you remove the intake valve, with the exhaust valve stuck shut, then ALL of the exhaust air will con­tin­u­ous­ly re-cycle into the reser­voir — and CO2 will accu­mu­late. If this occurs the user will absolute­ly be tired when at fin­ish. The reser­voir will be near­ly full.

If the intake valve is stuck shut, then the vac­u­um will pull room air into the mask. This means the user will be exer­cis­ing with only the extra oxy­gen that enters the unstuck half of the intake valve. This will be 1/2 or less of nor­mal oxy­gen. The user will be tired if this occurs and the reser­voir will be about half inflat­ed when fin­ished.


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