ExtremeO2 Vocals – Glen Templeton

Ever notice you can hear stress in someone’s voice?

This video illustrates how plasma oxygen enhanced with ExtremeO2™ improves vocal cord elasticity, hence tone, range, smoothness.  Even though Glen Templeton is an excellent professional vocalist – and he takes good care of himself, you can still hear improvement in his vocal performance, after ExtremeO2.

Glen’s band tours about 200 days a year, living most days 7 men in a bus – limited to restaurant food.  Believe me, living on tour is physically and emotionally demanding – nowhere near the glamor that Rolling Stone makes it sound. It’s hard on the body – and when you’ve done it long enough to go superstar – your health is at risk.

When I suggested that ExtremeO2 could help these guys feel better – it turned into a fun experiment for all.  I suspected it would improve the way they felt, and their ability to meet the challenges of touring – But who ever thought it would help them sound better?

If you have a trained ear, you’ll hear the difference – if not – you’ll enjoy listing to an extremely talented vocal artist.

ExtremeO2 Guitar – Fred Boekhorst

Whoever thought a guitar player could improve this much in 15 minutes? Fred Boekhurst, from the Glen Templeton Band, picks a hard guitar piece to illustrate improved playing dexterity before and after a 15 minute ExtremeO2™ session.

If you perform for a living – then ExtremeO2 is your edge – no matter what you do. Manfred von Ardenne documented a 20% improvement in Mental Capacity using Oxygen Multistep Therapy.  Our research shows that ExtremeO2 delivers significant performance improvements by improving mental clarity and neurological function.

Altitude Effect with ExtremeO2

VO2 Max Training

High Altitude

VO2 Max Training – Altitude Effect with ExtremeO2™

One of our Doctors asked: How does decreased O2 enhance the effect of high oxygen?

Hypoxic or high altitude training is a well established method.  In simple terms – intermittent hypoxia triggers adaptive responses that cause the body to optimize oxygen delivery.   Continue reading

Dara Torres – 2nd Race Fresh

Dara Torres evaluates of how ExtremeO2™ improved her 2nd race performance at the Nationals in Atlanta. She used ExtremeO2 to freshen up after the first race, 10:00 a.m. in Atlanta to prepare for the second race at 7:00 p.m.

She finished better than expected, 2nd place, in the Nationals at Atlanta where she was ceded 4th.  She attributes the better-than-expected finish to combined support from ExtremeO2 and MagnaPulse energetic support between her races.

Performance Fresh – Chris Thomas – 110m hurdles

Watch Chris Thomas go Performance Fresh with ExtremeO2™. Chris trains for the Olympic 110 m hurdles. He describes his 20 minute training experience before/after.

Continue reading

Laurent Robinson – New Season Fresh

Laurent Robinson plays Wide Receiver Jacksonville, FL. Our care program started about November 17 the year before he achieved near-superstar status in Dallas, and then moved to Jacksonville with a whopping 32.5M contract.

The issues we fixed previous limited his performance With VO2 Max:

  • A last-year ankle injury was substantially limiting sprint ability. The ankle caused significant discomfort at each sprint;
  • Season Fatigue – Where cumulative stress from the ongoing season result in less-than-optimal energy and reluctant performance
  • An apparent hamstring issue also limited performance;

Altitude Contrast™ and Season Fatigue

Altitude Contrast™ Training usuall resolves season fatigue in 1 fifteen minute session. Detox starts by minute 3. This presentation discusses the physiology of why the system works.

Altitude Contrast™ Training

Altitude Contrast™ Training is a new training method.

The system uses altitude simulator to shift the athlete from low to high and back again to stimulate detoxification and metabolic adaptive reflexes.

Test Data so far suggests:

  • The system delivers at least five times the tissue oxygen saturation levels available with soft-side hyperbaric chambers (Observations support previous published research data);
  • Altitude Transition Training sessions provoke unprecedented metabolic efficiency in oxygen distribution;
  • One single sessions reversed “Season Fatigue” in the strong majority of users (One exception to date.);
  • Provokes detoxification in approximately 50% of NFL players within 2 hours.

You can find more information on the low altitude training at the LiveO2 Information Site.  LiveO2 is the lower-level of ExtremeO2 training system that does not include high-altitude amplification.