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Season Fatigue

Season Fatigue

Season fatigue is the tendency to become tired as the season advances. This reflects the following physological pattern:

  1. Over training creates stress;
  2. Stress triggers capillary chokes (See Oxygen Multistep Therapy)
  3. Capillary chokes limit blood flow, which in turn increases reliance on anaerobic metabolism
  4. Anaerobic metabolism increases accumulation of lactic acid in muscles and other tissues
  5. Excess lactic acid and vascular flow limits lock the metabolism anaerobic
  6. Resulting in increasing fatigue and discomfort as the season progresses.

VO2 Max – Protocol

  1. Exercise until pulse is greater than 120 beats/min
  2. Attach rich oxygen breathing tube
  3. Exercise for 15 minutes
  4. Repeat if necessary

This protocol normally resolves season fatigue within 1 session.


The release of lactic acid from tissues may overload the Cori Cycle. This may cause fast bowel for up to 3 hours after your session.VO2 Max Training

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