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Season Fatigue

Season Fatigue

Sea­son fatigue is the ten­den­cy to become tired as the sea­son advances. This reflects the fol­low­ing physo­log­i­cal pat­tern:

  1. Over train­ing cre­ates stress;
  2. Stress trig­gers cap­il­lary chokes (See Oxy­gen Mul­ti­step Ther­a­py)
  3. Cap­il­lary chokes lim­it blood flow, which in turn increas­es reliance on anaer­o­bic metab­o­lism
  4. Anaer­o­bic metab­o­lism increas­es accu­mu­la­tion of lac­tic acid in mus­cles and oth­er tis­sues
  5. Excess lac­tic acid and vas­cu­lar flow lim­its lock the metab­o­lism anaer­o­bic
  6. Result­ing in increas­ing fatigue and dis­com­fort as the sea­son pro­gress­es.

VO2 Max — Protocol

  1. Exer­cise until pulse is greater than 120 beats/min
  2. Attach rich oxy­gen breath­ing tube
  3. Exer­cise for 15 min­utes
  4. Repeat if nec­es­sary

This pro­to­col nor­mal­ly resolves sea­son fatigue with­in 1 ses­sion.


The release of lac­tic acid from tis­sues may over­load the Cori Cycle. This may cause fast bow­el for up to 3 hours after your ses­sion.VO2 Max Training


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