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Brain Oxygenation

This protocol targets restoration of oxygen to the head to help resolving inflammation in the brain, eyes and ears.  Many conditions involve inflammation in the brain and sensory organs:

  • Tinnitus – inflammation in the auditory processing of the inner ear
  • Menieres/Vertigo – inflammation in the balance center of the ear
  • Brain Fog – Inflammation in the conscious processing centers of the brain
  • Concussive trauma – inflammation pursuant to head trauma
  • Low Blood Pressure

We have discovered that this protocol substantially and immediately improves mental function using neurological panels.


Maximum blood deliver within brain to reverse inflammation.  Open all capillaries for optimal blood delivery to brain.

What you need:

  • An ExtremeO2 Trainer
  • 500 mg niacin* (Only use this after you are fully comfortable with the protocol and understand what a Niacin Flush is like. The niacin flush opens the blood vessels in the skin and head.)
  • 500 mg magnesium orotate
  • 500 mg vitamin C
  • 100 mg Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
  • 3000 mg Arginine Alphaketoglutarate
  • A fully filled ExtremeO2 Trainer

Brain Oxygenation Protocol:

  1. Take supplements and wait 20 minutes
  2. Warm up on the exercise equipment until you reach your target pulse rate ** 110 bpm preferred using oxygen
  3. Exercise for 8 minutes at moderate strain
  4. Do the following steps 3 times
    1. Switch to high altitude and begin 30 second sprint
    2. First 15 seconds – high altitude then switch to high oxygen for 15 seconds
    3. Recover on oxygen
    4. Do you feel like your body wants another sprint ?
    5. Stop exertion at 15 minutes, or when you feel like you need to stop or when you’ve finished 3 sprints
  5. Continue breathing oxygen until pulse drops 100 bpm.
  6. It is okay to exit at any time.  If you are unable to complete the protocol – try again in a few hours or tomorrow ***

* The purpose of Niacin is to produce a niacin flush.  Research this before you start the protocol.

** Target pulse rate is age dependent.

*** Sometimes it takes several passes to become strong enough to complete the protocol.  Each attempt will usually make you significantly stronger and more able to continue.  See VO2 Max Training



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