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Brain Oxygenation

This pro­to­col tar­gets restora­tion of oxy­gen to the head to help resolv­ing inflam­ma­tion in the brain, eyes and ears.  Many con­di­tions involve inflam­ma­tion in the brain and sen­so­ry organs:

  • Tin­ni­tus — inflam­ma­tion in the audi­to­ry pro­cess­ing of the inner ear
  • Menieres/Vertigo — inflam­ma­tion in the bal­ance cen­ter of the ear
  • Brain Fog — Inflam­ma­tion in the con­scious pro­cess­ing cen­ters of the brain
  • Con­cus­sive trau­ma — inflam­ma­tion pur­suant to head trau­ma
  • Low Blood Pres­sure

We have dis­cov­ered that this pro­to­col sub­stan­tial­ly and imme­di­ate­ly improves men­tal func­tion using neu­ro­log­i­cal pan­els.


Max­i­mum blood deliv­er with­in brain to reverse inflam­ma­tion.  Open all cap­il­lar­ies for opti­mal blood deliv­ery to brain.

What you need:

  • An ExtremeO2 Train­er
  • 500 mg niacin* (Only use this after you are ful­ly com­fort­able with the pro­to­col and under­stand what a Niacin Flush is like. The niacin flush opens the blood ves­sels in the skin and head.)
  • 500 mg mag­ne­sium oro­tate
  • 500 mg vit­a­min C
  • 100 mg Thi­amine (Vit­a­min B1)
  • 3000 mg Argi­nine Alphake­tog­lu­tarate
  • A ful­ly filled ExtremeO2 Train­er

Brain Oxygenation Protocol:

  1. Take sup­ple­ments and wait 20 min­utes
  2. Warm up on the exer­cise equip­ment until you reach your tar­get pulse rate ** 110 bpm pre­ferred using oxy­gen
  3. Exer­cise for 8 min­utes at mod­er­ate strain
  4. Do the fol­low­ing steps 3 times
    1. Switch to high alti­tude and begin 30 sec­ond sprint
    2. First 15 sec­onds — high alti­tude then switch to high oxy­gen for 15 sec­onds
    3. Recov­er on oxy­gen
    4. Do you feel like your body wants anoth­er sprint ?
    5. Stop exer­tion at 15 min­utes, or when you feel like you need to stop or when you’ve fin­ished 3 sprints
  5. Con­tin­ue breath­ing oxy­gen until pulse drops 100 bpm.
  6. It is okay to exit at any time.  If you are unable to com­plete the pro­to­col — try again in a few hours or tomor­row ***

* The pur­pose of Niacin is to pro­duce a niacin flush.  Research this before you start the pro­to­col.

** Tar­get pulse rate is age depen­dent.

*** Some­times it takes sev­er­al pass­es to become strong enough to com­plete the pro­to­col.  Each attempt will usu­al­ly make you sig­nif­i­cant­ly stronger and more able to con­tin­ue.  See VO2 Max Train­ing




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