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Immune Boost — Sauna/Hottub

This pro­to­col is for immune chal­lenges that occur from trav­el relat­ed stress or expo­sure to cold/flu or oth­er organ­isms that can com­pro­mise per­for­mance.

The pro­to­col tar­gets short term sat­u­ra­tion of tis­sues with oxy­gen, fol­lowed by expo­sure to heat, either in a sauna or hot­tub.

Start­ing sup­ple­ment 20 min­utes pri­or to oxy­gen ther­a­py:

  • Thy­mus Extract — 2 cap­sules
  • Colostrums — 2 cap­sules
  • Cordy­ceps Sinen­sis — 2 cap­sules

ExtremeO2™ — VO2 Max — Immune Boost Protocol Steps

  1. Take Immune Sup­ple­ment — 20–40 min­utes pri­or
  2. Fill the oxy­gen reser­voir (don’t con­nect oxy­gen yet)
  3. Warm up on the exer­cise equip­ment until you reach your tar­get pulse rate **
  4. Put on the mask and con­nect to the oxy­gen
  5. Exer­cise for 10 min­utes with mod­er­ate resis­tance until you feel hot and start to sweat
  6. Move into sauna or hot­tub — con­tin­u­ing oxy­gen use
  7. Remain in sauna/hottub until body reach­es 104 degrees or tol­er­ance (do not exceed 104)
  8. Exit hot­tub, and cool down, con­tin­u­ing to breathe oxy­gen until pulse drops below 90 bpm.


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