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Immune Boost – Sauna/Hottub

This protocol is for immune challenges that occur from travel related stress or exposure to cold/flu or other organisms that can compromise performance.

The protocol targets short term saturation of tissues with oxygen, followed by exposure to heat, either in a sauna or hottub.

Starting supplement 20 minutes prior to oxygen therapy:

  • Thymus Extract – 2 capsules
  • Colostrums – 2 capsules
  • Cordyceps Sinensis – 2 capsules

ExtremeO2™ – VO2 Max – Immune Boost Protocol Steps

  1. Take Immune Supplement – 20-40 minutes prior
  2. Fill the oxygen reservoir (don’t connect oxygen yet)
  3. Warm up on the exercise equipment until you reach your target pulse rate **
  4. Put on the mask and connect to the oxygen
  5. Exercise for 10 minutes with moderate resistance until you feel hot and start to sweat
  6. Move into sauna or hottub – continuing oxygen use
  7. Remain in sauna/hottub until body reaches 104 degrees or tolerance (do not exceed 104)
  8. Exit hottub, and cool down, continuing to breathe oxygen until pulse drops below 90 bpm.

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