ExtremeO2 Spiffs Leadman

Today we put ExtremeO2™ to the ultimate test – spiffing ultimate-competitors for the harshest ultra-marathon in the world.

Leadman is the official name for an ultra marathon in Leadville, CO.  Super-hardcore blow off the same-day Pikes-peak marathon, only 26 miles – as a jog in the park.  Which this year was scheduled the same day.

The big prize here is a gold belt buckle – for those who cover 100 miles in under 25 hours.

About 9 out of 10 of these folks scored 6+ on the sore leg scale.  We tested the combination of ExtremeO2 – to clear lactate, and Magnapulse, to address tissue trauma.  

When these guys & gals found out we could clear leg soreness in about 12 minutes – they lined up.  Most of the day we had six or more standing in line.

This is the pre-run cleanup.  Shawn rated his fatigue and leg discomfort at 6-7 two days prior to the big race.  We worked with him for 15 minutes – and then checked in after 8 hours to confirm the results stuck.

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