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Pre Performance Prep

These protocol aids an athlete to prepare for competition, and to reset metabolism post performance to reduce recovery time.

This protocol improves is a very good pre-performance warm up.  It can anytime up to 24 hours prior to competition.  It does not create fatigue.

Pre-Performance Goals:

Maximum blood oxygen status in preparation for performance to maximize oxygen reserve for aerobic resilience:

  • Open all capillaries for optimal blood delivery to muscles;
  • Restore blood flow to muscles likely inhibited by prior training or performance;
  • Maximum saturation in extra-cellular body compartments to maximize connective tissue resilience to minimize injury vulnerability.

Pre Performance Protocol:

  1. Fill the oxygen reservoir (don’t connect oxygen yet)
  2. Put on the mask and connect to the oxygen and warm up to target pulse rate**
  3. Exercise for 6 minutes without increasing resistance
  4. Do the following steps 3 times
    1. Switch to high altitude and begin 30 second sprint
    2. First 15 seconds – high altitude then switch to high oxygen for 15 seconds
    3. Recover on oxygen
    4. Do legs feel better than before if yes? go to a
    5. If legs do not feel better goto 6
  5. Stop exertion at 12 minutes
  6. Continue breathing oxygen until pulse drops 100 bpm.

** Target pulse rate is usually (.7 x (220 = age)) – a good aerobic pace

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