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ExtremeO2 Home Installation

This installation requires a second connection to the high altitude connection to the concentrator.
Please use the LiveO2® installation to setup the oxygen system. The instructions for ExtremeO2 are identical.
ExtremeO2™ Installation – PDF Manual Version 2

This is the high altitude outlet on the ExtremeO2 home.  Insert the like  tube from the reservoir into the white fitting.

ExtremeO2 home High altitude outlet.

Connect the High Altitude Reservoir

The high altitude reservoir is in the lower corner of the large reservoir. It has a 3/4 clear or nylon reinforced coming out the corner. This tube attaches to the the high altitude source of the reservoir.

Insert the 3/4 inch nylon tube from the reservoir into the white fitting on the back of the concentrator.  It is the only plastic that will fit here.

Mount the Oxygen/Altitude Control Switch

Now attach the altitude control  switch to your exercise equipment using the enclosed zip ties.  Best practice points the mount the cable away from the exercise equipment and toward the reservoir.  This usually places the -O2, red, at the top and the +O2, green, at bottom.

Best practice for mounting altitude control switch.

Best practice for mounting altitude control switch at the bottom.


Usage and install Notes:

  • The high altitude compartment vents through a zippered opening.  A fully closed zipper will cause leakage that will dilute oxygen.  This issue was corrected. If you have an older version, prior to Jan 2014,  please confirm this zipper is not closed.
  • Always fill the reservoir with the switch in the low altitude position, -O2, red, position.  This blocks the oxygen valve and prevents oxygen from escape during reservoir fill.
  • It should take approximately 1 hour to fill the oxygen reservoir with a 10 liter oxygen generator.
  • The high altitude segment of the reservoir should refill about every 10 seconds.
  • If your system is fully filled oxygen filled, then pressure in the high oxygen compartment may dilute the high altitude air.  If your altitude is not as difficult as it seems it should be, switch to oxygen for 3 minutes to drain and then return to altitude.

ExtremeO2 Install Manual

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Milennium Manual

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