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Altitude Recovery

This pro­to­col pre­sumes that you are at alti­tude and are hav­ing alti­tude relat­ed dis­com­fort.   Your dis­com­fort like­ly reflects inflam­ma­tion from hypox­ia.  Here is an arti­cle that describes the mod­el as it relates to oxy­gen par­tial pres­sure.

You will need an ExtremeO2 sys­tem with suit­able exer­cise equip­ment.  The reser­voir should be filled with oxy­gen.

The goal of this pro­to­col is to reduce the inflam­ma­tion.

Altitude Recovery Protocol:

  1. Con­nect oxy­gen and set to +O2 set­ting
  2. Exer­cise to bring heart rate to 110 or more (Usu­al­ly ~5 min­utes) — you will like­ly feel mul­ti­ple exer­tion chal­lenges dur­ing this phase;
  3. Stay on oxy­gen until you feel com­fort­able and your O2 Sat­u­ra­tion reach­es & holds 99% for 3 min­utes or until 15 min­utes, whichev­er hap­pens first
  4. If your oxy­gen sta­bal­izes at 99%, then pre­pare to do a hypox­ic sprint — the goal is to increase your heart rate fur­ther and then switch back to oxy­gen to dri­ve O2 deep­er into your body
  5. Switch to (-O2) and sprint for 30 sec­onds
  6. Switch to (+O2) until recov­ered
  7. Repeat 5 & 6 up to three more times or until recov­ered or until oxy­gen reser­voir deplet­ed


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