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Altitude Recovery

This protocol presumes that you are at altitude and are having altitude related discomfort.   Your discomfort likely reflects inflammation from hypoxia.  Here is an article that describes the model as it relates to oxygen partial pressure.

You will need an ExtremeO2 system with suitable exercise equipment.  The reservoir should be filled with oxygen.

The goal of this protocol is to reduce the inflammation.

Altitude Recovery Protocol:

  1. Connect oxygen and set to +O2 setting
  2. Exercise to bring heart rate to 110 or more (Usually ~5 minutes) – you will likely feel multiple exertion challenges during this phase;
  3. Stay on oxygen until you feel comfortable and your O2 Saturation reaches & holds 99% for 3 minutes or until 15 minutes, whichever happens first
  4. If your oxygen stabalizes at 99%, then prepare to do a hypoxic sprint – the goal is to increase your heart rate further and then switch back to oxygen to drive O2 deeper into your body
  5. Switch to (-O2) and sprint for 30 seconds
  6. Switch to (+O2) until recovered
  7. Repeat 5 & 6 up to three more times or until recovered or until oxygen reservoir depleted

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