Altitude Contrast™ Training

Altitude Contrast™ Training is a new training method.

The system uses altitude simulator to shift the athlete from low to high and back again to stimulate detoxification and metabolic adaptive reflexes.

Test Data so far suggests:

  • The system delivers at least five times the tissue oxygen saturation levels available with soft-side hyperbaric chambers (Observations support previous published research data);
  • Altitude Transition Training sessions provoke unprecedented metabolic efficiency in oxygen distribution;
  • One single sessions reversed “Season Fatigue” in the strong majority of users (One exception to date.);
  • Provokes detoxification in approximately 50% of NFL players within 2 hours.

You can find more information on the low altitude training at the LiveO2 Information Site.  LiveO2 is the lower-level of ExtremeO2 training system that does not include high-altitude amplification.

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