Laurent Robinson — New Season Fresh

Lau­rent Robin­son plays Wide Receiv­er Jack­sonville, FL. Our care pro­gram start­ed about Novem­ber 17 the year before he achieved near-super­star sta­tus in Dal­las, and then moved to Jack­sonville with a whop­ping 32.5M con­tract.

The issues we fixed previous limited his performance With VO2 Max:

  • A last-year ankle injury was sub­stan­tial­ly lim­it­ing sprint abil­i­ty. The ankle caused sig­nif­i­cant dis­com­fort at each sprint;
  • Sea­son Fatigue — Where cumu­la­tive stress from the ongo­ing sea­son result in less-than-opti­mal ener­gy and reluc­tant per­for­mance
  • An appar­ent ham­string issue also lim­it­ed per­for­mance;


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