Jul 21

ExtremeO2 Vocals – Glen Templeton

Ever notice you can hear stress in someone’s voice?

This video illustrates how plasma oxygen enhanced with ExtremeO2 improves vocal cord elasticity, hence tone, range, smoothness.  Even though Glen Templeton is an excellent professional vocalist – and he takes good care of himself, you can still hear improvement in his vocal performance, after ExtremeO2.

Glen’s band tours about 200 days a year, living most days 7 men in a bus – limited to restaurant food.  Believe me, living on tour is physically and emotionally demanding – nowhere near the glamor that Rolling Stone makes it sound. It’s hard on the body – and when you’ve done it long enough to go superstar – your health is at risk.

When I suggested that ExtremeO2 could help these guys feel better – it turned into a fun experiment for all.  I suspected it would improve the way they felt, and their ability to meet the challenges of touring – But who ever thought it would help them sound better?

If you have a trained ear, you’ll hear the difference – if not – you’ll enjoy listing to an extremely talented vocal artist.


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